Lekkergoed geliefdes Lost My Lives

Hou jy verloor jou lewe aan jou gegee deur Facebook vriende bv. die gevreesde Lekkergoed geliefdes het my Lives

Jy kan nie meer as 5 lewens. Hulle werk net as hulle aan jou gegee wanneer jy onder 5 lewens.

Hou lewe as 'n back-up is net 'n opsie (bonus) given by the developer to enjoy the mobile game. Dit moet nie bestaan ​​nie as die Facebook-weergawe
het nie hierdie funksie geïmplementeer dus sal jy vind

Op Facebook, na die bereiking van die maksimum bedrag van die beskikbare lewens, all the other lives received are automatically lost. Op die selfoon, these lives are kept until the Facebook session expires.

Die ontwikkelaar koning nie sou “los” hierdie defek vir gebruikers, aangesien dit is nogal 'n onregverdige truuk.

Plaas 'n kommentaar hieronder as jy het hierdie kwessie!


  1. I keep losing my tickets to the next level….I click on the and accept but level 66 wont open

  2. Yes, it happened to me today. On my IPad I had 47 lives saved up and many extra moves. Then I pulled the game up from my pic through FB. I didn’t play it there justilled it up. Then several hours later, I sit down with my IPad and everything is gone. I’m feeling a little pissy!

    My friends were playing it for several weeks before I was so when I finally jumped on board they were losing interest and getting frustrated with not being ale to pass levels off. So now they have moved on and I’m out of lives and out of luck!

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