Candy Crush Cheat


  1. bobby wilson says:

    I found your tip on level 33 helped thankyou

  2. What is the purpose of level 130? I do not think it is very clear.
    Who can give me layout.

  3. I need help with level 165; there are too many blues to get, and almost no blues come down. I’ve been on this level for weeks and am giving up soon if it remains this way

    • I’m struggling with this one, too. There never seem to be enough blues to make it work. Unbelievably frustrating.

  4. kim morris says:

    I need to find a way to open level 66…My tickets keep disappearing so I can’t open level 66…Can someone, anyone help me please?

  5. Monie Salazar says:

    Need help with level. 65. Have been on for about three weeks. Getting ready to quit

  6. Debra Honey Jeffries says:

    I need help on 182, I have been stuck for awhile…please help

  7. Lynne shuttleworth says:

    Level 130 is not clear. What is the object of this stage?

  8. janel jordan says:

    have won level125 several times and it wont let me move up . Whats wrong

  9. janel jordan says:

    sorry thats level 132

  10. help on 70, please

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