Candy Crush Episodes

As of 10 June 2013, Candy Crush Saga has 395 levels composed in 27 episodes in the Facebook version, and the first 365 levels are available in the Candy Crush app version.

Every episode has 15 levels except for the first two episodes, which only have 10..

Candy Crush Saga uses a routine to unlock episodes. The first two episodes are free; every episode thereafter requires the player to invite three other Facebook friends to help the player to “get on the train”, or to unlock the next episode. The episodes can also be unlocked with Facebook credits, with one Facebook credit replacing one friend required to unlock. There are techniques to get Candy Crush Free .

Episode No. of Episode Levels
Candy Town 1 1-10
Candy Factory 2 11-20
Lemonade Lake 3 21-35
Chocolate Mountains 4 36-50
Minty Meadow 5 51-65
Easter Bunny Hills 6 66-80
Bubblegum Bridge 7 81-95
Salty Canyon 8 96-110
Peppermint Palace 9 111-125
Wafer Wharf 10 126-140
Gingerbread Glade 11 141-155
Pastille Pyramid 12 156-170
Cupcake Circus 13 171-185
Caramel Cove 14 186-200
Sweet Surprise 15 201-215
Crunchy Castle 16 216-230
Chocolate Barn 17 231-245
Delicious Drifts 18 246-260
Holiday Hut 19 261-275
Candy Clouds 20 276-290
Jelly Jungle 21 291-305
Savory Shores 22 306-320
Munchy Monolith 23 321-335
Pearly White Plains 24 336-350
Fudge Islands 25 351-365
Pudding Pagoda 26 366-380
Licorice Tower 27 381-395


  1. Whenever I ask my facebook friends for help unlocking the next episode, I click to accept their gift, but I never get moved to the next episode. I end up having to go online and buy it. What’s going on?

  2. Michael Hauser says:

    you just have to wait. the game is full of lags or connection problems that I believe may be intentional. they look to cash in on your impatience. the higher up you get, the longer it seems to take. 6 hours, 12 hours, and this time I am waiting over 12 hours. maybe 24 this time? I guess I’ll have to wait and see. I’m not paying!!

  3. i am on peppermint palace episode bt its nt unlock.plz rl me how i unlock dis to move to the next 9th episode
    ..plz mail me nd guide me how to unlock..plzzzzz

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