Candy Crush for Blackberry

Candy Crush is being played everywhere and it’s success makes London-based owner King the world’s most popular social game developer

More than 66 million people play King games worldwide on a daily basis – 14 million more than previous top-spot Zynga however the game is only available on the following platforms:

  • Android phones and tablets
  • Apple phones, tablets and MAC
  • Windows PC’s as a cut down version

However you can play Candy Crush on Blackberry by playing it on the BlackBerry 10 browser

  • log into your Facebook account
  • choose the desktop version of the site
  • search for Candy Crush Saga, and then go to the game page,
  • it’s a flash based game and it runs fine on the Blackberry browser but there are some limitations like it’s not formated for the resolution.

It does works and since it uses facebook ID to store all your achievements and levels, you won’t lose any achievements or score.

To lobby King to make a version of Candy Crush for Blackberry:

Twitter:@CandyCrushSaga Contact us


  1. jffoisy says:

    How come there is no version of candy crush for us, BlackBerry usées ???

  2. Nathalie says:

    Comment je fais pour telecharger candy crush sur ma tablette blackberry

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