Kraze sirèt 65

Sirèt kraze Nivo 65 is another fiendishly difficult level. Getting rid of all the jellies seems to be one of the key sticking points for most folks. Sometimes Kraze sirèt can be like chess where you need a clear strategy to work your way though it!

Our key tips for Candy Crush 65 yo:

remove the chocolate first and then the candies hidden under the black “X”.

often the best way to clear the board of the jellies and black “X” is by creating the 5 ak 4 way special candies (clearing 5 or 4 of the same colour).

the best explosion approach is to take 2 of the 5 way special candies and swapping them.

start at the top and work down


secondly another explosion approach is to swap a 5 way special candy with the candy that looks like it is in a wrapper (this is created when you have 3 across and 3 down , all of the same color. It looks like anL”).

make every move count!

Let us have your comments if you have any additional tips on Sirèt kraze Nivo 65!



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