Perdidi vitae Candy Cóntere

Tu hoc age vivit amissis dederim vobis per amicos puta Cornelius. metuebatur, Perdidi vitae Candy Cóntere

Non potes ultra 5 Vivit. Quod si tibi tantum opus esse, cum sub 5 Vivit.

Custodiens vitam tergum-sursum est tantum bene (benificium) given by the developer to enjoy the mobile game. Ut non sint sicut Facebook version
Unde hoc non habet functionality implemented inveneritis

Facebook, post perveniens, maximam uim animas praesto, all the other lives received are automatically lost. In mobili, these lives are kept until the Facebook session expires.

Vitae rex “figere” hoc vitio pro users utpote suus satis iniquum dolum.

Si infra illam rem, consectetur adipiscing elit!


  1. kim morris dicit,:

    I keep losing my tickets to the next level….I click on the and accept but level 66 wont open

  2. Yes, it happened to me today. On my IPad I had 47 lives saved up and many extra moves. Then I pulled the game up from my pic through FB. I didn’t play it there justilled it up. Then several hours later, I sit down with my IPad and everything is gone. I’m feeling a little pissy!

    My friends were playing it for several weeks before I was so when I finally jumped on board they were losing interest and getting frustrated with not being ale to pass levels off. So now they have moved on and I’m out of lives and out of luck!

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