Khoom qab zib Crush dabneeg 33

Aim rau cov khoom qab zib tsoo dabneeg 33 yog mus tshem tag nrho 16 ntawm qhov jelly squares.

Khoom qab zib Crush 33 is one of the major challenges on your journey through the mad world of Candy Crush

You only have 14 txav kom du dais no tswj.

Our suggestion is that you aim for at least one 4-of-a-kind match on top of the jelly in one of the two lower quadrants.

Top tips:

  • Work from the bottom of the board
  • Aim to clear two jellies at a time to save on the number of moves you have
  • Use your Candy Crush combinations
  • Focus on one side of the board at a timethis saves time and moves without flip flopping between the two sides
  • The target is to clear all the jellies and gain 32000 points in 14 moves to complete this level.
  • Use a combination of striped and wrapped candies

Good luck folks

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