Khoom qab zib Crush Timed ntau ntau

Khoom qab zib tsoo Timed seb yog ib feem ntawm qhov kev ua si uas muaj ntau tus neeg muaj zog.. Nws yog lo qhia thiab yuav tsum muaj kev txawj thiab siab ntev.

Tab sis, yog hais tias koj ua raws li ob peb txheej txheem yooj yim koj mam tsav lawv tsis ntau sheninigans!
  1. ANALYSE…. Before you start to play take a few seconds to look around the board and see if there are any chances for stripes or wraps, or maybe even a colour bomb! Those few seconds at the start will pay off.
  2. THINK... Don’t just blindly switch anything you see! Try to work at the bottom if you can so you can take advantage of any cascades caused by your moves.
  3. PLAN….While you’re making one move be planning your next, keep looking all the time, don’t wait for the candies to stop moving before you look for another move. Try to anticipate where the candies will land and be ready as soon as they stop.
  4. +5 Candies….Candies which fall down with a number in them give you extra time so should be matched if possible! Don’t miss them, they could mean the difference between winning and losing. (see image)
  5. RELAX....Before you start take a deep breath and relax! The worst thing you can do on timed levels is to panic. Just play as if it’s a normal game but just a little faster!

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