זיסוואַרג ענגשאַפט 33

Tackling זיסוואַרג ענגשאַפט 33 really seems to get most folks stumped and the video below gives some useful tips:


The approach to זיסוואַרג ענגשאַפט לעוועל 33 does seem to require some luck

This guide is designed to help you beat זיסוואַרג ענגשאַפט סאַגאַ and get the highest score and rankings possible. Once you earn enough points you will gain a star and you need to pop the jelly blocks or drop the ingredients to progress. Boost your score by maximizing combos and earning special candies.

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גלייַך 33 הילף

גלייַך 33 is often the most difficult level in Candy Crush and the gamer has to match 4 or 5 candies wherever possible.

There are four main areas and it is recommended that you should approach one side at a time (either left or right).
Here are a useful גלייַך 33 Tips :
  • גלייַך 33 is really about managing your moves, you only get 14 so so you have to constantly think ahead and make each one count. There are 16 jelly blocks to destroy so you will need to think about more than just basic 3-matches.
  • Striped candy can certainly help so get any 4-matches that you can.
  • Combining striped and wrapped candy will make your life much easier although you’ll have to be lucky or have great forward planning to have the chance to do that.
  • Work on the bottom first. When you clear bottom sometimes you will automatically clear the top as well.




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