Candy Crush levels 30 to 35

  Candy Crush Saga takes an interesting turn as you hit the 30’s, much like life I suppose! Level 30 is all about dropping cherries and hazelnuts. It kicks off with a small mound of rock candy that only takes one crush to disintegrate. It is however important that you do this before landing your ingredients […]

Level 147 – Why we hate it, and how we can beat it

Level 147 is one of those Candy Crush fun wilting levels, it has many elements that combine to make this a frustratingly hard ‘saga’. Initially the design of the board doesn’t look too intimidating until you realise that the candy doesn’t fall straight until it gets past the ‘cut out’ areas. These missing bits of […]

Level 65 – Demystified

  Level 65 seems to be the Candy Crush maker or breaker, there are obviously those who stubbornly battle on not letting this stage defeat them, and judging by the pile of friends I have loitering at this this point, there are those go ‘ok I’m out’. Now this is possibly a good thing, not […]

Candy Crush Survival – Tips you need to know

There are a multitude of small hints and tips that will make your Candy Crush game play a little easier, some you may have discovered for yourself, others may be a little more obscure and a result of an obvious addiction! At any rate it helps to know as much as possible on this seemingly […]

Special Candies and Super combinations

Any one relatively serious about covering serious tracks aboard the Candy Crush train knows the importance of ‘Special’ candies; stripy ones, wrapped ones and the ever delicious Chocolate Freckles! So how do you go about creating this powerful candy smashing goodness? Well its relatively simple once you get used to recognising and manipulating patterns and […]

Candy Crush Saga – Level 50

Level 50!…You’ve made good progress, you’re definitely getting the hang of this Candy Crush business, but if you have found yourself two or three jellies away from clearing this board time and time again, rest assured you are not alone! At first glance it may seem relatively easy but without a few lucky runs and […]

Impossibly stuck in Candy Crush – Sanity saving Hints and Tips

  There is no question, Some Candy Crush levels are HARD and the longer you are stuck for the harder these levels seem. When I get to the point of frustration there are a few things I try that may or may not make any actual difference, but I always get there in the end! […]

Level 421 – You must be joking!

Wow Level 421! By about now you’ve long left behind all of your ‘normal’ friends and are possibly feeling somewhat smugly ‘expert’, why not! You’ve crushed your way through a tonne of candy, created every combination…in triplicate, beat whirlwinds and tornadoes, defied all-consuming chocolate squares, cleared Jelly in unreachable areas, made mincemeat out of pizza […]

Managing non-gaming Facebook friends and Candy Crush

Like most things in life, Candy Crush is more fun with friends, and the more friends you have the more exciting (and convenient) it is! However anyone with a healthy Facebook life knows how difficult it can sometimes be to manage your ‘sweet sweet’ candied addiction and keep everyone on your friends list happy. It […]

Candy Crush Colour Bombs (freckles)

Candy Crush is a whole lot more than a candy switching, toe tapping, brain tease…Its a Saga! and part of this magical mystical journey is developing the knack to create special candies. What could be better than making a candy that wipes the board of a single colour? Well maybe teaming it up with a striped […]