Candy Crush Cheat Guide

Candy Crush is massive at the moment! With over 45 million players each month, it has quickly become the #1 game for iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook! It has become so big, in fact, that the News are reporting that the creators of Candy Crush are making over $850,000 per day from selling lives, boosters, and upgrades for the game. That’s right. PER DAY! THAT IS OVER $300 MILLION A YEAR!

It’s an addictive, worldwide sensation.

But there are two BIG problems…

The first problem is the COST!

In-game purchases for add-ons such as extra lives, boosters, and level access can QUICKLY ADD UP!

In fact, there are reports in the news where people have spent HUNDREDS of dollars in a SINGLE WEEK. (And with over 470 levels, the costs can SKYROCKET!)

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Crush The Candy Guide





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