Candy Crush Combinations

Candy Crush allows you you swap two Special Candies to help creates a different, more potent effect than matching them one by one.

Often the two best candy crush combinations are the sprinkle donut hole, wrapped candy and the stripped candy.

Utilising these combinations can help clear a majority of the board. This approach can also help you clear off board candy or difficult to reach candies.

Also worth noting that some candy crush combinations work better than others on certain boards. For example combining a wrapped with a striped candy creates a 3×3 clearing path – this combinations seem most effective on the bottom rows of a “fruit” board.

A color bomb plus striped candy combo is good for getting jelly pieces that are stuck in difficult to reach areas e.g. corners. Also colour bomb plus a wrapped candy creates multiple explosions that can get rid of a chocolate block.

Some levels have deliberately difficult to reach candy e.g Candy Crush Level 181 and this approach is the only way to get past these. Another tip is that a a wrapped candy swapped with another wrapped candy will ignite a 6 by 4 square which can clear a huge on the Board.

You have to take a trial and error process on some board to work out when it’s best to combine candy. Also note the “clearance path” of some candies.

If you have any useful additions please make a comment!

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