Candy Crush for HTC One

Candy Crush is fully compatible with the HTC One and Candy Crush download here:

The HTC One is the latest flagship Android device from HTC Samsung and combines stunning design, an outstanding display and a host of innovative features to make one of the most advanced smartphones on the planet and ideal for Candy Crush for HTC One

In 2012, the HTC One X was the flagship Android phone that didn’t get enough respect. Despite offering a much brighter screen and a more premium design than the Galaxy S III, Samsung ran away with the smartphone race.

The One from HTC is a great phone and can be summarized as:

Pros: Stunning design; Excellent 1080p display; Loud and rich dual speakers; Remote control functionality for TV; Camera shines in low light; Very fast performance

Cons: Odd button arrangement; No wireless charging; Zoe feels a bit gimmicky; Can be a stretch to operate with one hand
The Verdict: The HTC One’s jaw-dropping design, good low-light camera, fresh approach to the home screen and awe

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