Candy Crush for Kindle

Candy Crush is available on an increasing range of devices such as the Kindle Fire.

Candy Crush Saga will work on the Fire.

It was quick and easy to download and install from the goodereader app store.


Go to

then App Store then on right hand side you can choose to download App Store so can get easy access to apps

Find candy crush and download but you need to turn on allow unknown sources in device on kindle first.

Another options is to install Candy Crush for Kindle:

1. Download and install an app on the Amazon market called File Expert.
2. Go to settings on your Kindle Fire.
3. Choose “Device” options
4. Choose “On” option for “Allow Installation of Applications” from unknown sources.
5. Now download the Candy Crush Saga app file onto your computer:
6. Plug in your Fire, and copy the Candy Crush Saga file into your Fire.
7. Go to File Expert and locate the installation (.apk) file and then choose install!



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