Candy Crush Windows Phone

Unfortunately Candy Crush on Windows phone is not yet available as of June 2013.

This is hugely frustrating for windows phone 8 users who are suffering a real lack of up to date functionality such as the Candy Crush app.

The reason you won’t see the latest hits like Candy Crush Saga, on Windows Phone is based on pure lack of demand. Candy Crush Saga holds the No. 3 position in top free games on iOS and has No. 2 slot on free games for Android. It’s also the top grossing app on iOS. There’s definitely demand for the game, just not on Candy Crush Windows Phone.

When King released its second app, Candy Crush Saga, on iOS, the Android version followed a few days later. And Windows Phone?

“We haven’t seen an equivalent wave of requests for Windows Phone,” Dale said.

So folks if you want Candy Crush on Windows phone you better start lobbying the software developers!






  1. Danielle says:

    I would love to have candy crush on my windows phone!

    • Hi Danielle, I agree that it’s a real shame Candy Crush is not available on Windows phones… watch this space and hopefully we will have an update soon!

    • unhappy says:

      Please please please make candy crush saga available for windows phone. It sucks not being able to have such a fun and addicting game on my phone & having to play on other peoples phones when I can…..

    • So frustrating that it’s not out for windows phone. I’m ready to ditch this stupid thing….

  2. Please add Candy Crush App to the Windows phones. I would love to be as addicted to this new game as my co-workers and peers. Sincerely I can’t wait to find out about the amusement and hate being left out because I have Windows.

  3. I want candy crush on my windows phone! My husband and teenage daughter have an android and pick on me because I have a windows phone by stating “It’s not up to date.” Not being able to get candy crush on my windows phone only proves them correct!

  4. I agree with all of the above!!! Every single person I know is a Candy Crush Saga addict!! Please give us CCS!!!!!

  5. Just had to change phone and replacement from Orange is the HTC 8x ……..No candy crush !!!!! No barclays mobile banking , gutted ..and I have a kindle fire hd not a tablet and damn candy crush isn’t available on that either aggghhhhhhhhhh !

  6. Please give us Candy Crush Saga for Windows phones!!

  7. We want candy crush would not have got phone if I had known

  8. I’ve had my windows phone for over a year went from Iphone to windows thinking that windows would go head to head with Ios, a gamble that windows have not tried to live up to.
    If you want to be at the top then you have to compete with the top this includes having all the top apps as and when developed not 6 months later (Angry Birds)

    • I agree i think we all go out and spend money purchasing windows phones thinking they are as good as i phones and then you cant even get basic apps eg candy crush i deffo wish i still had my Sony Ericson xperia so that i can play candy crush as it was an android phone :/

  9. Debi Newton says:

    Please please please….I need Candy Crush on my windows phone ASAP! Going through withdrawals! Seriously.
    Thank you.

  10. Please I want candy crush for my windows phone, think it’s unfair I can’t get this app just because I cause windowsphone

  11. Please, please make a WP version! Preferably one that’s compatible with WP 7.8 not just WP8!

  12. I would also like candy crush for windows phone. If the apps is written in native code it doesn’t even take that much to port.

    • A windows 8 app would be nice too.

    • Please please desperate for Candy Crush on my Lumia 920

    • mizzdap says:

      Please get candy crush on windows it really sucks that I can’t play it on my galaxy that got broken if I would have known i couldn’t play candy crush or get instagram I would have left this fone right where I got it from thanks alot

  13. My husband and children have candy crush on their phones, windows please allow us to have ccs.

  14. Windows phones are awesome the only issue I have is developer interest as its not one of the big 2, I won’t be trading my Lumia for a p.o.s iPhone or Android any time soon just a shame that that devs don’t see the benefits of having there app on all platforms (even blackberry)

  15. I think candy crush would be just as popular on windows phone as on IOS and android as we are all saying we want candy crush for windows phone and we can guarantee that it will be the most popular download on the windows phone come on we are being laughed at because we don’t have candy crush and all my friends and family do they say to me alot Joe what level are you on candy crush and then say oh wait you can’t get it so what do we want candy crush when do we want it NOW 🙂

  16. Please Candy crush sur windows phone !!

  17. There are a lot of people who wants candy crush saga on windows phone , so make it done!

  18. I think the os should be renamed through window’s, as that’s what i feel like doing with mine, back to android for me at upgrade time…

  19. Mitchell says:

    Ok, I am a loyal Windows user. I use a Windows 7 mobile device, Windows desktop, and Windows Surface tablet. I understand that Windows is not the most competitive because of the lag they had getting into the smart phone and tablet market. However, Windows is on a climb because of processing power that the Windows devices have and believe that more and more people are switching to Windows because of the productive power they have. I am forced to play CCS on my tablet using my web browser through Facebook and it is quite a let down. I think I speak for many Windows users when I say it would be beneficial for the users as well as the developers of the game to bring CCS to Windows devices.

  20. Samantha says:

    This setback! A beautiful phone, Windows 8 and then no candy crush. Zwaaaaar irritant!!

  21. Brandon Riley says:

    please please please!!! i have a htc 8s windows phone and the phone is boring without candy crush!! BORReedddd…

  22. I want Candy Crush, I loose iphone for windows but disappointment that game I'm completely addicted are not

    an update soon !!

  23. If i had known how rubbish windows phone was with apps i would of stuck with i phone i want candy crush please asap

  24. We NEED candy crush for Windows phones all over! All the game apps are just plain boring. Please, Please make it available for Windows Phones!!

  25. Youssef says:

    it will good advantage the candy crush will be NO.1 on widows phone? do not you agree!!!
    Please candy Crush on windows phone…

  26. pinball says:

    One reason I have found from Facebook switch is that there is no flash support speaking on windows 7 Nokia lumia

  27. The only way I get to play Candy Crush is on computer. I want it on my Windows Phone PLEASE!!!

  28. I would love to be able to play ccs on my windows phone.

  29. I’m very disappointed that Candy Crush isn’t available on my new windows phone. please update!!!!

  30. I have it on my iphone and I just bought a window 8 tablet because I wanted something different. I like it alot but can’t believe how many apps you can’t get in the windows app store. It is unbelievable, I play the game all the time on my iphone and would love to play it on my window 8 tablet !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Can you just play it through facebook on the tablet? Or does it also not support Flash

      • Mitchell says:

        You can play it on the browser since Windows RT is flash compatible. However, it can be a little irritating sometimes.

  31. Please bring Candy Crush Saga to Windows Phone Store. Bejeweled is now available in there (I think), and I am sure you will gain even more customers and users for doing so! As much as I love my Htc 8x I sometimes regret getting it for lack of certain popular apps, especially Candy Crush Saga.

  32. Please put candy crush on windows phone 🙂

  33. Windows interface is 10x better then iPhone or droid. We have had them both. Only thing that stinks is the availability of apps! Someone needs to get it together 🙂

  34. So, I am a very loyal windows phone user. I have recommend it to many friends who prefer it over the iPhone. That being said, keep up with the competition!! Its always a constant wait for things…angry birds..took FOREVER..and now this?!? It’s just do silly to me! What’s the freaking hold up?

  35. There is an app called Facebook Switch not sure if it will work on windows 8 phones it doesn’t on windows 7 due to no flash support.
    So could the real reason we have no CCS is lack of flash player support?
    But what puzzles me is I have not seen any comment from CCS developers King

  36. Maybe .. Its because windows phone is new … Esp for gamers. But now .. I think lots of people wants this. I played candy crush saga … Just ti get close to my sister in law .. She use I phone, while I’m a windiws lover .. But we both love this game … Plz plz plz make the candy crush for wp …. Pleeeeeeez … T_T

  37. Terrence says:

    Demand goes both ways. Please make the app for Windows Phone and get no. 1 spot, the most popular phone app on windows. The number is growing everyday, take advantage of it sooner rather than later ok?

  38. Yeah, I wouldn’t really hold my breath for this game to come. If it does end up coming sometime down the road, it will be after this Candy Crush craze has long died down, trust me…

  39. Hey I want candy crush on my window phone, please make the app for Candy Crush on the Windows Phone .

  40. I’m currently a windows 8 user and I want and need candy crush saga so if you would please make that happen asap I would surly appreciate it. I’m tired of being laughed at because I don’t have the candy crush app.

  41. It is very unfortunate that they would not create a great game for such a new device

  42. Chun Pala says:

    I need candy crush on my windows phone NOW before I end up with one of them other OS type phones. Come on you people with your so called nokia and HTC phones lets start a candy riot !!!!!!!

  43. Come on windows get your act together give us the game

  44. Really frustrating! So want this, and now my wife’s upgraded from an iPhone to a Windows phone she’s really frustrated.
    Can you publish an email address we can lobby to?


  45. Great phone but back to android for me if no ccs.

  46. I wish we could have candy crush on the windows phone. I have been lost without my game. Please put it on the window phone for us .thank you

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