Well Candy Crush is “free” to play but it’s probably better described as a freemium game.

However, players should note that Candy Crush is also one of the highest revenue generating online game ever – clearly “free” and “revenue generating” are contradictions!

Basically the developer King has been clever in their approach to the game in that certain levels are very tricky to complete and progress on from.

Gamers get stuck and you can unstick yourself by a small purchase of 99 cents!

Whoops a daisy you just messed up a very tricky level but ease your pain by :

  • purchasing five extra moves for 99 cents….
  • or get three lollipop hammers for $1.99. And you’ll eventually get timed out of the game for about 20 to 30 minutes, but you can buy more lives to keep playing.
  • etc..

However you can download Candy Crush Free versions with Candy Crush download limited play or ask your friends on Facebook to help you out….

It’s very addictive – some gamers say they’ll never pay – others cough up to appease their not-so-secret addition that keeps them awake at night crushing those candies…


  1. Please develop Candy Crush for Windows Phone –Pleasssseee!

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