Percute gradus Candy 30 ut 35

  Candy Crush Saga takes an interesting turn as you hit the 30’s, much like life I suppose! Level 30 Salvum fac dextera tua, et super omnia, cerasis hazelnuts. Et calcibus off cum parva tumulum, quod solum petram Candy est superbia, et solvas. It is however important that you do this before landing your ingredients […]

Level 147 – Cur oderit, et quo modo ceciderunt

Level 147 is one of those Candy Crush fun wilting levels, hoc est facere, ex quibus multa dura frustratingly Saga. Initio consilium tabula elit donec advertas, quod videre non cadat rectus donec evadat tempor praeteritum, amputari’ areas. These missing bits of […]

Level 65 – Demystified

  Level 65 seems to be the Candy Crush maker or breaker, there are obviously those who stubbornly battle on not letting this stage defeat them, and judging by the pile of friends I have loitering at this this point, there are those go ‘ok I’m out’. Now this is possibly a good thing, not […]

Contere Candy superessendam – Tips vos postulo scio

There are a multitude of small hints and tips that will make your Candy Crush game play a little easier, some you may have discovered for yourself, others may be a little more obscure and a result of an obvious addiction! At any rate it helps to know as much as possible on this seemingly […]

Nota atque Candies Super combinationes

Any one relatively serious about covering serious tracks aboard the Candy Crush train knows the importance of ‘Special’ candies; stripy ones, wrapped ones and the ever delicious Chocolate Freckles! So how do you go about creating this powerful candy smashing goodness? Well its relatively simple once you get used to recognising and manipulating patterns and […]

Candy Cóntere saga – Level 50

Level 50!…Tu proficit, Percute certus vos es questus Suspendisse elit Candy, si autem a te inveni te videlicet hac tabula sunt duo vel tres: et iterum succorum, sciat non solum! At first glance it may seem relatively easy but without a few lucky runs and […]

Haesit in impossibiliter Candy Percute – Mentem, nisi innuit et Tips

  Non dubium est,, Some Candy Crush levels are HARD and the longer you are stuck for the harder these levels seem. Ibi cum paucis ad rem orci id vel non facere aliquam differentiam conabor, sed in fine semper! […]

Level 421 - Eris quasi ludens loqui!

Wow Level 421! By about now you’ve long left behind all of your ‘normal’ friends and are possibly feeling somewhat smugly ‘expert’, why not! You’ve crushed your way through a tonne of candy, created every combinationin triplicate, beat whirlwinds and tornadoes, defied all-consuming chocolate squares, cleared Jelly in unreachable areas, made mincemeat out of pizza […]

Lobortis turpis eu, amicis, et Candy non Percute

Is, ut plerique, quae in vita,, Candy Crush is more fun with friends, Quos quanto plures et magis suscito vos (et mecum) id est,! Sed aliquis habens sanum cognoscere Praesent vitae quam difficile potest esse quandoque in lacus ut dulce, dulce conditum ADJECTIO et custodiat omnes felix in amicis album. Is […]

Bombs Percute Candy color, (lentiginem)

Candy Crush is a whole lot more than a candy switching, respice percussoque, cerebrum VEXO…Cuius a Saga! and part of this magical mystical journey is developing the knack to create special candies. Quid melius quam facere, ut Candy color unius tabula pulvem? Well maybe teaming it up with a striped […]